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CALL TO ACTION HB 740: Reduce Suspensions and Expulsions of PreK through Third Graders

By Nanda Shewmangal in Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta 10 months ago | 3110 views Link:

Reduce Suspensions & Expulsions of our Pre-K through 3rd Graders

 House Bill 740 scheduled 

to be heard on the Senate floor Wed., 3/21

Please call your State Senator before 10:00 a.m!


 HB 740, sponsored by Rep. Nix (69th) in the House is being carried by Sen. Dugan (30th) in the Senate.  HB 740 reduces suspensions and expulsions of students in Pre-k through third grade - “No student in public preschool through third grade shall be expelled or suspended from school for more than five consecutive or cumulative days during a school year without first receiving a multi-tiered system of supports, such as response to intervention…”  This bill passed the House on 2/14 by a vote of 157 to 13.  Now, it needs to pass the Senate.

Contact your State Senator before 10:00 a.m., Wed., 3/21,

and encourage him/her to vote 


on HB 740!



Support House Bill 740 and keep our youngest learners in school. Out of school suspensions and expulsions do not promote a positive school climate.  Nor does removal from the classroom promote learning.  

From pre-k to third grade, our youngest learners are learning to read. Third grade marks the point when children move from learning to read, to reading to learn. 

Let’s make Georgia a place 

where all children can thrive in school.


Don’t know who your State Senator is?  

Use one of these links to find out:

GA Secretary of State

Open States

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Joy Borra

Nanda. Thanks for doing this! This is an important bill.  When a child is sent home on suspension, they are not learning. They fall farther and farther behind… This lack of an opportunity to learn impacts their whole life…. many drop out… sell drugs to make money, wind up in prison.  A life wasted.  That’s the kind of impact school suspensions have…  So.  HB 740 is a GOOD bill and deserves our support!


Joy Borra

Here’s an update….  The “Too Young to Suspend” bill passed the last hurdle in the legislature yesterday and now goes to Gov.. Deal

This is an issue that advocacy, in this case led by one state legislator with  The Interfaith Children’s Movement (ICM), brought to public awareness and got handled.

This is what advocacy is all about… (and why it’s important fo join ICM as a member! hint, hint!)

This bill says that after a child (pre-K – 3rd grade) has been suspended five days in a school year, they cannot be suspended again until they have been evaluated to determine the underlying reason for their problem.

This happens to 13,000+ Georgia little children each year! 

So it was a problem worth holding up, calling attention to, and getting handled!!!!

This is  concrete example of how child advocacy by ICM and it’s partner orgs. has made life better for voiceless children in 2018. 

Thanks for the calls you made… and thanks to Nanda for posting it!

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