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Rev. Makar's Letter to the AJC regarding HB 757

By Anthony Makar in Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta almost 3 years ago | 570 views Link:

In “Religious groups angered by veto,” published in Wednesday’s Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the authors make it sound like ALL people of faith in Georgia are disappointed in Governor Deal’s veto of House Bill 757, the so-called “religious liberty” bill.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

As a person of faith myself, and as a pastor of a large faith community, I believe that we have an obligation to create a world that embraces the diversity of God’s creation. All people have inherent worth and dignity, not some. If Jesus were alive today, LGBTQ people would be as welcome to sit at his table as anyone else.

House Bill 757 runs contrary to this religious vision.

Nevertheless, news stories continue to misrepresent Georgia’s faith community as one thing with one voice—and that voice condemns the Governor’s veto.

We need the Atlanta Journal-Constitution to step up its game in tracking reality.

There are plenty of faith communities in Atlanta—and hundreds of thousands of people of faith—who applaud the Governor’s action not because they’ve sold out to Hollywood or big business or “political correctness” but because it’s the right thing to do and God calls them to do it.

Rev. Anthony Makar

Senior Minister, The Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta



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Mary Ann Oakley

Right on, Anthony! Very well said indeed.

Karen Roy

Here, Here Anthony! Thank YOU for speaking the truth!

Adam Bruns

What an eloquent statement, Rev. Makar. As a journalist I am ashamed of my brethren for their laziness, and you are right to call them on their lack of diligence in tracking reality. I have done the same thing myself in the past year with the AJC, on behalf of our publication. Being a journalist can be dispiriting these days, but you still have to do your job.

Eben Buchanan

Thank you!

Diane Loupe

Adam, I don’t think journalists are lazy…they are probably overworked. Newspapers are cutting to the bone, and they are working harder and faster than ever. Unfortunately, what that results in is journalism that isn’t as nuanced as we’d like it to be. It’s our job to make sure that this point gets across. I understand the Georgia Baptists have a very connected and powerful network to respond to this kind of issue, and they are definitely upset about this. Rather than call names, we should do our part to respectfully point out the truth.

Sally Riddle

Well Done!!

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